Music Industry Photography

In today's highly visual multi-media world you only want your best foot forward on anything that will ever be in the public eye. We live in a world where people will hear with their eyes before they hear your music. M. Winans Photography provides outstanding photographic services to ensure you have the best live show, portrait and album cover shots. M. Winans Photography has relationships with record labels such as Bongo Boy Records, working directly with your label to ensure only the best results.   


Live Show Photography

Being able to capture the the best photos during live performances that capture the raw energy of live performances in mostly challenging lighting scenarios is a difficult task for most photographers. M. Winans Photography has the experience backed up by professional canon cameras and lenses to be able to capture the best looks of your band.  



M. Winans Photography has access to a studio in the local tri-state area and has experience scouting and utilizing striking on location settings to produce the best portrait photos for your website, album or promotional material.


Marketing, Promotional and Album Covers

As you grow your brand and have the need to produce high quality marketing, promotional material and photos for album covers, M. Winans Photography provides you with the highest quality digital images ensuring your best foot is always forward when dealing with the public and industry entities.

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